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Charles and Homer Hagenbuch with Miss Dye 1923 Detail 1

Remember, Remember, the Days of November

Recently, Linda and I attended a birthday party for our four-year-old grandson, William. Not long after this, we were treated to a birthday meal for my nephew, Tom Huffman, who was born on November...

John Howard Hagenbuch Detail 2

The Last of the First Cousins

The recent death of John Howard Hagenbuch got me thinking about first cousins. John was born on March 11, 1936, and he died three weeks ago on August 18th. John’s Hagenbuch ancestry is: Andreas¬†...

Hagenbuch Family Picnic 1937 0

Analysis of 1938 Hagenbuch Reunion Attendance

As written previously in other articles, I believe myself fortunate that I grew up in an extended family which included great aunts, great uncles, my grandparents, first and second cousins of my father, and...