Doughnuts or Fastnachts?

Finished Doughnuts or Fastnachts Detail
Detail of a photo of finished doughnuts/fastnachts cooling

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2 Responses

  1. Dave+Hagenbuch says:

    I remember Mom making doughnuts for Shrove Tuesday (and maybe other occasions) .. and the “extra” uneaten ones were saved in a roasting pan (with lid) and “hidden” in a lower kitchen cupboard. They were mostly the cinnamon sugar coated type, and would last for a couple of weeks. Sometimes they would stick around until they got a little hard and stale. But, in true “farmer fashion” you always devoured them with a big glass of milk on the side!!! Sweet memories!! Thanks again Mom!

  2. Barbara Huffman says:

    I also have memories of ”donut day” . One of the earliest is when we still lived at the first farm . ( not Pap Pap’s ) Grandma Faus and Uncle Elmer were there ”baby sitting ” I really don’t remember where Mom and Dad would have been but they weren’t there . The donuts were out in the ”shanty” And it was cold out there . Uncle Elmer was going out and getting a donut every once in awhile but we probably had one and not allowed anymore . I questioned Grandma but she never admitted that’s what Uncle Elmer was doing ! I can taste those delicious morsels still . And we used to love eating the holes . Good job! Mark and Linda . Too bad I live far away …….”across the River” : ) : ) : )

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