Tax Collector, Andreas Hagenbuch, Appointed By Abraham Lincoln

Andreas Hagenbuch Tax Collector Order 1773 Detail
Detail of a document ordering Andreas Hagenbuch to collect taxes in 1773

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4 Responses

  1. Robert Hagenbuch says:

    Very interesting article! Can you comment further on what is meant by “one shilling and six pence per pound of assessed property “?

    • Andrew Hagenbuch says:

      This is a great question. So the “per pound” is per British pound of assessed value. The county would assess the value of a landholder’s property. At a minimum, this included acres, but sometimes it also included livestock (sheep, cattle, and horses). Some years they split acreage that was forested versus cultivated. I plan to look at that as part of the future series of articles about the economics of the homestead, because while they had 150 acres of land, most of it was still wooded in the late 1700s!

  2. dave laidacker says:

    My Laidacker/Leidecker/Leindecker/Leyendecker ancestors lived in Albany Township Berks County for many decades as well.

    In the 1900’s there was a Hagenbuch and Laidacker marriage in Turbotville, Northumberland County, PA

  3. Bob Carl says:

    Fascinating and shows the deep and wide roots we descendants of pioneer families have.

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