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Emigrants Crossing The Plains, Albert Bierstadt, 1869 0

A Trip Across America: Family Migrations

The story of the Hagenbuch family in America is one about migrations. From Andreas Hagenbuch leaving Europe for Pennsylvania in the 1700s to Enoch Hagenbuch traveling west in the 1800s, our family has been...

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Thoughts on Timothy Hagenbuch’s 1851 Letter

Timothy Hagenbuch’s 1851 letter to his brother, Enoch, is an important piece of history. Besides providing insights into family relationships, the letter reveals reasons why some Hagenbuchs picked up and headed west. When the...

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Two Years On

It’s been two years since my father, Mark Hagenbuch, and I founded Hagenbuch.org. Since then, the site has amassed a collection of over 100 articles containing family stories, genealogy, and culture. Around this time...