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Hagenbuch Migrations 1900 Detail 3

Family On The Move: 1840–1900

Like many Americans, our Hagenbuch family story is about leaving one place for another, often in search of a better life and new opportunities. The first part in this article series followed our family’s story...

Civil War Hospital 1865 Detail 1

E.T. Write Home!

It is Sunday, January 19th, and I just got off the phone with Gayle (Hagenbuch) Ticen, a descendant of Eli Thornton Hagenbuch. It was a warm and informative conversation with a cousin whom I...

Eli Thornton Hagenbuch Family 0

Eli Thornton Hagenbuch Family

The heyday of adding new families to the Hagenbuch genealogical records was from the mid-1970s to the mid-1990s, when I was in contact with Hagenbuch families across the country and when The Beech Grove...