My Dinner With: Aunt Katie and Uncle Perce

Oak Grove Church Festival Foods
Detail of an image showing foods from the Oak Grove Church Festival

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  1. Dave+Hagenbuch says:

    Good visit with Aunt Katie and Uncle Perce, thank you Mark. Good memories of the Church Festival, too. I have the floor rug that was in Paul Roat’s living room on my living room floor!! Such wonderful memories, and I think about that stone house almost every day.

  2. Cathy Jo Hagenbuch Kelley says:

    I have fond memories of Oak Grove Festival, I couldn’t wait to be of age to help serve food at the festival, although it was a great time, I could not and have never been a waitress. I think I messed upon several ice cream order, SIGH! I do remember visiting with Percy at Mary’s home with my dad, Clyde, not sure of my age at the time. Thanks for jogging the memories.

  3. John Marr says:

    I have a story that my Dad told often. (Stanley L. Marr) My Dad would tell this story. Years ago at Percy’s farm, Percy and his brother Clarence were making apple butter and the apple butter was just about done and into the kettle was a plop. seems that the kettle was set up under a tree and a bird did his business right into the apple butter kettle. Clarence looked at Percy and said, what are you going to do? All Percy said was…. KEEP STIRRING!

    At the time. Dad live at the Quarry, Narehood Brothers Stone Quarry and over they years, I had heard Dad tell this story many times.

    I have another story that I remember that my Dad told me, at the end of the Percy’s farm lane (located across from the quarry) Dad told me that at the stream, Percy had a trough set up in the stream and had a pump there and the pump had a wooden ram. When the pump was running. the trough would fill up with water and then the wooden ram would force the water into the line going to the barn ( maybe the house also) I am thinking there must of been a check valve in the water line to keep the water from running back out.

    My Dad also would tell my how upset that Percy was when Route 254 was built. the new road cut right thru the middle of Percy’s farm. later years, Dad would comment on if Percy would be alive, how upset he would of been to see almost the whole farm, cut up into building lots and the farm was basically developed into house lots. that is all from me. John Marr

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