To Market, To Market, Off To Hage’s We Go!

Hage's Market Exterior, Ridgeley, West Virginia, Detail
Detail of a photo of the exterior of Hage's Market

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  1. Bob Carl says:

    Neat. I think David and Joe Hagenbuch are my second cousins, twice removed. Robert Del Roy Hagenbuch I was my great-great grandfather. I remember receiving a letter or two from Dot Hagenbuch years ago.

    Oddly, I am a descendent on my mother’s side, of a Jacob Hege, who emigrated from Germany around 1740. So, I wonder who the original Hege’s of Hege’s Market was.

  2. Mark Hagenbuch says:

    Hello Bob….THANKS for your message. You are a second cousin to David and Joe….no twice removed as you are the same generation as them, you share the same great grandfather, Robert Del Roy Hagenbuch I, born 1853. Your grandmother is Jennie Carl….sister to Robert Del Roy ii, grandfather to David and Joe. As to the Hage’s Market name. I believe that “Hage” is just the shortened form of Hagenbuch that David and Joe decided to use. I know that in Elementary School I was called “Hagy” or I suppose it could be spelled “Hage”. Great to hear from you (Mark)

  3. Dorothy Carl says:

    Hi Mark,
    Great articles as always! SO exciting to find some relatively close cousins we didn’t know about before. I believe I’m their third cousin-Jennie Hagenbuch Carl is my great grandmother, so Robert Del Roy Hagenbuch (b.1853) is our mutual great great grandfather. My great grandmother Jennie must have been close to her brother Robert Del Roy, as she named her son after him, and both my father and brother are Robert Del Roys!

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