Homestead Economics: Flax, Linen, and Other Fibers

Linen Processing Hinks 1783 Detail
Detail of a print showing the processing of flax by William Hinks, 1783. Credit: Notre Dame University

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  1. Christopher Witmer says:

    Andrew, Are you aware of the PA Agrcultural census? The first was done in 1850 and will have valuable info about the Hagenbuch farm in Albany Twp. Info is online. I can send you the link if you don’t have it. Chris W.

  2. Christopher Witmer says:

    You got it.

  3. Christopher S Witmer says:

    Michael has 10 bushels of flaxseed and 2 lbs of silk cocoons. Go figure. To really make sense of any of this, one has to compare farms against one another, which would take some time to do a spread sheet to organize things of all the farms in Albany Twtp.

  4. Christopher S Witmer says:

    As you may have seen, there is also an 1880 and 1927 census, which may be helpful for other Hagenbuch farms elswhere.

    • Andrew Hagenbuch says:

      Hi Chris. This is a great idea. I might dig into this and use it more for my next piece. I wanted to write about either the tannery, distillery, or general agriculture of the homestead. This find gives me a good primary source for the latter, along with some of the family letters we have from that time 🙂

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