Hagenbuch Coat of Arms

Hagenbuch Family Flag
Hagenbuch family flag created by Mark Hagenbuch. Photo by Julie Hagenbuch

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3 Responses

  1. Jacob Robison says:

    Have anyone encountered any examples of 18th century Hagenbuch’s using the coat of arms? For example, in the colonies men would use their coat of arms as seals on their wills or deeds. Or has anyone come across any 19th or 18th century examples of the arms being used for decorative purposes? Such as carving the arms into a beam or stone in one of the old estate homes?

    • Andrew Hagenbuch says:

      Hi Jacob. Thanks for your comment! We do not believe the Hagenbuch family was using the coat of arms by the time they came to America in the 1700s. However, they did have a stylized HB ligature: https://www.hagenbuch.org/hb-hagenbuch-family-ligature/ Supposedly the coat of arms can be found on an old bell and other items in the town of Hagenbuch, Switzerland, though.

    • Jacob Robison says:

      The ligature is very interesting, thanks for that information!
      I now wonder if it’s possible to find evidence of the Hagenbuch family in Europe using these arms…

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