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Wreath Clarence and Hannah (Sechler) Hagenbuch Grave 0

Wreaths of Remembrance

As Christmas approaches, each year for the past several years my wife, Linda, has made evergreen wreaths to give to friends, to hang outside at our abode, and to place on relatives’ gravesites. These...

Solomon Dentler Hagenbuch 1864 Detail 0

Civil War Brothers and Cousins: Part 2

In part two, the final part in this series, we continue to follow the stories of Solomon, Samuel, and Henry W. Hagenbuch. Click here to view part one. Solomon and his cousin Henry W....

Gravestone of Mark and Mary Hagenbuch 0

Mark, Mark, and Mark

Most of us find it curious when we run across someone who has the same name that we have, especially if our last name is Hagenbuch and our first name isn’t commonly used. I...