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C. H. Hagenbuch Druggist Shenandoah PA 0

C. H. Hagenbuch, Druggist, Shenandoah, PA

During the 19th century, a number of Hagenbuchs entered the growing field of medicine and pharmacy. Several of these individuals and their families have been featured in previous articles. For instance, George Miller Hagenbuch...

Hagenbuch Privy Bottle 0

The Privy Bottle, Part 2

This article is the second part in a series. The first part may be read here. After purchasing the privy bottle on eBay, it was taken to a bottle expert—Harry M.—who has collected thousands...

Privy Detail 4

The Privy Bottle, Part 1

This two-part article tells the fictional story and true facts about a bottle recently discovered in a privy in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. The year was 1875. Mr. Smith, from Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, had taken the train...