Hagenbuch Beech Grove


William Hagenbuch Stands Tall

Uprighting Headstones‚Ķ A Family Responsibility Reader Alert: As in many posts dealing with genealogy, family lines will be listed. This may be confusing to some people, but it’s important to the understanding of family...


Story of the Buchbaum

Here is the story of the Buchbaum, as told by Dr. Mark O. Hagenbuch at the donation of a European beech tree, April 25, 2008. Long ago, in a place we now call Switzerland,...

Elizabeth Hagenbuch Taufschein Fraktur 5

About the Hagenbuch Family

Every family has a story. So in that sense, the Hagenbuch family is like any other. Although, when you look past the surface, you’ll start to discover what makes each family unique. Again, the...