The Mystery of John, John, John, and John

Cross Keys Tavern Location Allentown PA
Detail of an 1890 map showing where Henry Hagenbuch once lived in Allentown, PA. Credit: Library of Congress

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  1. Elizabeth Hagenbuch says:

    Thank you so much for this article! Previously I had thought that John Hagenbuch, born 1762, was the right John for my Hagenbuch line. Now I know that John Hagenbuch, born 1776, is the correct one! I also now have the birth and death dates for him. It may interest you to know that this John owned a hotel for a number of years in Lehighton, Carbon County, PA.

  2. Thomas Jones says:

    Hello all,

    I am looking to confirm a relationship between Henry Hagenbuch (Berks) , John and Reuben.
    John Hagenbuch from Siegfried Ferry built a tavern on the west bank of the Lehigh (would become Lehighton )

    One can imagine the movements of that ancient ancestor by reading your page “ Exploring Hagenbuch Country”

    John of Lehighton had several children one of whom was named Reuben. Several references confirm this.

    Reuben married into the Bauman family (Sarah) dau of Henry Bauman and Susanna Eberhard.
    A daughter of John Christina, married into the prominent Craig family
    One of the children of Reuben and Sarah was Rosanna who married into Daniel Beer family of Parryville who in turn started a large family after marrying James Redline of Mauch Chunk .

    I believe this John’s father is Henry one of the sons of Andreas.

    The record I have shows John born 1776 in Albany twp. Not far from the Lehigh river.

    I have no firm record linking Henry to the Lehighton John.

    John had a family by 1809 (Reuben was born in 1805) but I have no record of John prior to the 1809 reference. This was long ago and records of this time are bound to be scarce.

    Anyone have any information?
    Tom Jones


    History of Carbon County
    Frederick Charles Brenckman p.231

    Lehighton became one of the stopping places on this road in 1809 when John Hagenbuch built a tavern on the site now occupied by the Exchange Hotel He came from Siegfried’s Bridge then known as Siegfried’s Ferry Northampton county For many years he continued as the landlord of this tavern and was succeeded by his son Reuben Hagenbuch. Nicholas Fuller opened a tavern near the bridge in 1814 remaining its landlord for a long period

    Many John Hagenbuch’s

    John Hagenbuch (b. 1776, d. 1845)
    John was born on April 11, 1776. He was first married to Elizabeth Knauss, and the two raised a family in Leighton, Pennsylvania where John owned a hotel. After Elizabeth died in 1827, John moved to Howertown, Pennsylvania and married Hannah Faust Beil. He died on April 6, 1845.

    History of the Counties of Lehigh and Carbon, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
    Alfred Mathews Austin Hungerford
    1884 P 731

    Early Lehighton Hotels
    In the year 1804 the bridge was built across Lehigh River at Jacob Weiss mill and the narrows to the place later so well known as the Landing Tavern and in this year the Lehigh and Susquehanna Turnpike Company was incorporated the road was built over the Broad Mountain and route was opened across the mountains to Berwiclr the Susquehanna River the tide of travel was turned this direction and along the route taverns were opened The first in this vicinity was presided over by Hagenbuch who came from Siegfried’s Ferry known as Siegfried’s Bridge in Northampton County in the year 1809 This tavern Was on the site of present Exchange Hotel John Hagenbuch was landlord for many years and was succeeded by his son Reuben Hagenbuch Mrs Thomas Craig of Towamensing was a daughter of John Hagenbuch

    Ibid P735

    Post Office
    The date of the establishment of a post office at Lehighton is not known In the summer of 1817 a post office was opened at the Landing Tavern and Isaac A Chapman was appointed postmaster That office was not in existence long as in the year 1819 when the post office was established at Mauch Chunk it was noted that the nearest postoflice was eight miles down the Lehigh River Without doubt the post office was established at this place about 1828 or 1829 when the canal was in process construction along the river It was located at the public house of Reuben Hagenbuch and continued by Peter Bauman until his removal from the place in 1848

    • Andrew Hagenbuch says:

      Hi Thomas. Yes, we agree with this. The line is Andreas b.1715 > Henry b.1736 > John b.1776 > Reuben b.1805. This line was developed through process of elimination a discussed above. There were no other possibilities for whose son John b.1776 was (per the above). Henry’s 1803 court proceedings (when he died intestate) confirm he had a son John.

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