Merry Christmas in Photos

Christmas Tree Ornaments
Ornaments on a Hagenbuch family Christmas tree, 1988

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4 Responses

  1. Dave+Hagenbuch says:

    wonderful memories .. I was waiting to see if the “true identity” of Santa (in these photos) would be revealed.

  2. Barbara Huffman says:

    Oh , I remember that Santa ! And all the special memories that go with those Christmas’s spent with Mom , Dad and all the siblings and the ”little” kids ! What a wonderful time it was . Love to ALL

  3. Andrea Gonzales says:

    Very enjoyable to take in the memories of the Hagenbuch family! Thank heavens we have so many joyous events to look back on! And now new memories are being stored up for us to peruse through as time goes by! Happy New Year to my Pa family!

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