Do What You Do (I Don’t Know What You Do)

Mark & Andrew Hagenbuch Making Ice Cream
Detail of a photo of Mark and Andrew Hagenbuch making ice cream

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3 Responses

  1. Barbara Huffman says:

    Hooray for Grape-Nut ice cream !! I can still remember making it and eating it growing up ! And I am pretty old !
    Wonderful article . I look forward to reading this every week

  2. Dave+Hagenbuch says:

    I like to use a quote that goes well with this article .. “You don’t know what you don’t know”!!! .. Think about it .. now you know what you didn’t know, and what they do!!!! .. or .. do you??? You still may not know what you didn’t know!!!! Fine article, by the way .. thanks again guys and gals. Oh yes .. Grapenut ice cream .. we make Key Lime Grapenut ice cream here in Central Florida!!!!

    • Andrew Hagenbuch says:

      Key Lime sounds wonderful! I’ve made a few variations on Nana’s recipe for ice cream including adding teaberry extract. Interestingly, the extra for teaberry I got shipped from Florida.

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