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John "Bert" Hagenbuch, Sr. Detail 1

The John “Bert” Hagenbuch Family

Genealogy is a busy business! Andrew and I get caught up in so many aspects: research, writing articles, scanning photos, tracing family lines, updating family trees, and talking with each other about families and...


Oh, The Faces We Know!

As I have written many other times, I was fortunate to grow up with several genealogical mentors who would show me old photos of our family and not only name the folks in the...

Tintype of Women Playing Cards Detail 1

Oh, The People We Don’t Know! Part 2

The Hagenbuch Family Archives have a large number of unidentified photos, and many of these could be featured in future articles. Numerous ones are portraits—people with identities lost to time. Some are interesting to...

Haag Hotel Waiter 1900 Detail 0

Oh, The People We Don’t Know! Part 1

Three large collections of photos are in the Hagenbuch photo archives. The largest collection is, of course, the photos that are of people descended from my great great grandparents, William and Rebecca (Muffley) Hagenbuch....

Margaret Englehart 1895 Detail 1

Hunting for Lost Children

There is little more fulfilling to genealogical work than gazing at 100 plus year old photos of lovely children: their clothing, their innocent expressions, and knowing how they are related to us. Realizing two...