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Mark and Andrew Hagenbuch Detail 3

Four Years On

Talking with my father the other day, he mentioned that I should begin writing a recap for the previous year of Hagenbuch.org. Really? Has another year passed already? Four years ago, this site was...

Mark Hagenbuch Dreisbach Stone Detail 0

In Search of Hagenbuch History

Recently, my father, Mark Hagenbuch, and I spent the day visiting a number of sites within Northampton County, Pennsylvania. We were there in search of Hagenbuch history and had high hopes of uncovering new...

Christian and Susanna Hagenbuch Gravestones 1

Exploring Christian Hagenbuch’s Family

Some of our Hagenbuch ancestors have left us with more mysteries than others. Christian Hagenbuch (b. 1747, d. 1812) is one of these individuals. When I first began working with my father, Mark Hagenbuch,...