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John Hagenbuch 1802 Gravestone 3

The Family of John Hagenbuch, Born 1802

Andrew and I often feature families that are especially interesting, different, or have curious photos attached to them. Yet, so many of our ancestors were simply upstanding citizens with ordinary careers, conventional families, and...

Hagenbuch Migrations 1900 Detail 3

Family On The Move: 1840–1900

Like many Americans, our Hagenbuch family story is about leaving one place for another, often in search of a better life and new opportunities. The first part in this article series followed our family’s story...

William S. Hagenbuch, Lucy Ann Knepper Hagenbuch, Lucy Ann Jackson 1

William S. Hagenbuch Family

William S. Hagenbuch (b. 1836, d. about 1906) was one the last Hagenbuchs to be raised at the Hagenbuch homestead in Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. His great great grandson, Will Mangold, graciously contributed...