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Joseph Hagenbuch Post-Chaise 1847 1

Old Newspaper Advertisements

Old newspaper articles and clippings are a great source of information for family research. Sometimes these have been saved in scrapbooks preserved in the Hagenbuch Archives. Other times, they are discovered using online research...

Hagenbuch Privy Bottle 0

The Privy Bottle, Part 2

This article is the second part in a series. The first part may be read here. After purchasing the privy bottle on eBay, it was taken to a bottle expert—Harry M.—who has collected thousands...

Privy Detail 4

The Privy Bottle, Part 1

This two-part article tells the fictional story and true facts about a bottle recently discovered in a privy in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. The year was 1875. Mr. Smith, from Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, had taken the train...