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Beech Tree Sunset in Autumn
Beech tree in autumn. Credit: Flickr/alexbrn

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  1. Hello, my name is Danilo Hagenbuch, I am 21 years old and live in Argentina, my official language is the Spanish, but I translate the text in order that they could understand it, my family I live in Argentina it does 3 generations, my brother (Major of age) Gabriel Guillermo Hagenbuch, my father Gustavo Guillermo Hagenbuch (Major of 3 brothers) my uncles, Ruben Hagenbuch and nancy Hagenbuch, My grandfather Guillermo Hagenbuch was born in Argentina, since his father Felix Hagenbuch born in Swiss or Germany I change the Argentina. The page spends to an aunt mia, that has a genealogical tree armed and maybe it is possible to join in some point of the history, since we are very small the Hagenbuch in the land.

    • Hagenbuch says:

      Hi Danilo. Great to hear from you! It would be interesting to know your family’s line going back into Germany/Switzerland. We might be able to write a bit about your family history if you can provide more info.

      We (the US Hagenbuchs) do know of some Hagenbuchs who currently live in Germany. That said, the US Hagenbuch are mostly from Andreas Hagenbuch who arrived in America in 1737 ( Once again, great to hear from you and it is exciting to know that there are Hagenbuchs in Argentina 🙂
      -Andrew Hagenbuch

  2. Robert R. Rohrkempert says:

    Dear Andrew,
    While researching my great aunt’s line I came across your site.
    Anna Maria Gentner of Piqua, Ohio married Stephen Hagenbuch (1893-1970).
    Stephen was the 2nd great grandson of Andreas Hagenbuch.
    All my data comes from the LDS site and Ancestry. I believe the Hagenbuch line began in the town of Hagenbuch in the Winterthur, Canton Zuerich, Switzerland area.
    My son lives in Zuerich and one of his tasks will be to visit Hagenbuch for more background info.
    Please contact me so that we may share and compare.
    All the best,
    Robert R. “Bob” Rohrkemper

    • Hagenbuch says:

      Hi Bob. Great to hear from you, and I just replied to you via Facebook. I’ll shoot you an email as soon as I have more information regarding this Stephen’s line. Thanks!
      -Andrew Hagenbuch

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