Hiram (Jr.) and Bessie “Lake” Hagenbuch Family

Hiram (Harry) & Bessie "Lake" Hagenbuch
Detail of a photo of Hiram Jr. (Harry) & Bessie "Lake" Hagenbuch with their daughter Kathryn, c. 1914

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  1. Barbara Hagenbuch Huffman says:

    Fascinating as usual ! This is so interesting because I know many of these relatives .
    We must have thought it was normal to live near so many relatives . I also remember visiting cousin Roy in New Jersey . A real treat as we didn’t go that far away very often .

  2. Nancy "styer"Carl says:

    hello mark i love your article about harry hagenbuch but i have some corrections on paullas children she only had 4 brandon and joel are kens children , patty is a kinney not kostelnick . if you want you can call me for more details on the 4 th child of paullas brian has 1 son zachery todd has 2 children todd jr. and cloe and i can get other information that you need love to hear from you 570-412-4128 i

  3. Jessica Young says:

    Love reading about the family and how large the family has grown. Really makes me miss my grandmother Helen (hagenbuch)Styer.

    • Andrew Hagenbuch says:

      Hi Jessica. Great to hear that you’ve enjoyed the article about your grandmother’s family. Thanks for checking out the site!

  4. Mark Hagenbuch says:

    Your grandparents were pillars of the Oak Grove Church, like so many other of the Hagenbuch family. Your grandfather John was my Sunday School teacher when I was young. Glad you enjoy reading what Andrew and I write.

  5. Jacklyn says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading this I’m Kathleen’s daughter age 17 she’s in one of the pictures

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