Discovery: Fraktur of Anna Elizabeth Hagenbuch

Anna Elizabeth Hagenbuch Fraktur Taufschein Flowers
Flowers from Anna Elizabeth Hagenbuch's Taufschein in the Fraktur style

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2 Responses

  1. Hello,
    What a beautiful example. Hagenbuchin includes the feminine ending to Hagenbuch. We see it on Taufscheine wherein the scrivener or artist writes the mother’s maiden name. Hagenbuch will be recorded Hagenbuchin. My name, Ernst would have been recorded as Ernstin, (sometimes en is seen also), Braun would have been recorded as Braunin and etc. Re: the “first” name. Pennsylvania Germans used “spirit” names, a favorite name in the family, as a first name. Johannes and Maria are the most common, but your family clearly liked Anna. The name the child actually used was the second name. Your ancestors would have been referred to as Elizabeth, Margaretha, and Barbara about the house. I hope this helps.

  2. Stu Haley says:

    Ann Elizabeth is my fifth great grandmother. Her daughter, Maria, my fourth great grandmother, and Maria’s daughter Catherine Braucher is my third great grandmother.

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