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Family On The Move: 1800–1840

The first part in this article series followed 300 years of family history from 1500 to 1800, as our Hagenbuch ancestors moved first from Switzerland to Germany and then to America. One line of...

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Dating Anna Elizabeth Hagenbuch’s Fraktur

Dating historic documents can be challenging. Indeed, from the moment the Taufschein Fraktur of Anna Elizabeth Hagenbuch (b. 1754, d. 1825) was discovered, there were numerous questions about when it was created. On the...

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Update on Anna Elizabeth Hagenbuch’s Fraktur

It’s been over four months since we announced the discovery of Anna Elizabeth Hagenbuch’s birth and baptismal Fraktur. What began as a serendipitous find on eBay, has since yielded important information – as well...