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Donald Reaser Home Fire 1980 Detail
Detail of a newspaper photo showing the aftermath of a fire at the home of Donald Reaser, 1980

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4 Responses

  1. Dave+Hagenbuch says:

    Thanks again Mark

  2. Karen Antunes says:

    Mark, my grandmother grew up in this home, her brother is Don Reaser. She would talk about her Mother being a Hagenbuch. Her mother Mary Ellen, 1887-1952. Her grandparents Henry Emerson Hagenbuch 1857-1931 & Martha Jane Best.. Henry’s father John Phineus Hagenbuch 1813-1891.

    Trying to find a reliable family tree to find the “connection” to your Hiram 1847-1897

    Is there a tree? And there is a connection? Thanks for any help.

  3. Mark Hagenbuch says:

    Hi Karen….I sent you an email. It is great to hear from you and know you have an interest in our family. Maybe we can meet someday and talk?

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