Exploring Hagenbuch Country

Stone House Detail
A stone house that was determined not to be Christian Hagenbuch's home

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  1. James Farley says:

    Hello: I am 78 years old at this time and live in Fogelsville,just down the street from Albany Township. Many an autumn afternoon was spent on Hawk Mountain when my two boys were young. Great days spent with Maurice and Irma Broun, Jim Brett and Alex Nagy. A few years ago I took two of my grandchildren to teach them a few things about this marvelous area and in the process I found my self down at the cemetery where old Shumbach (excuse the spelling) was buried. I found that the stone had been removed. Has there ever been an explanation for this. Other than outright thievery). There are so many things about this area that I would like to know more about. If anyone that is versed in the history of Albany Township would like to discuss a few of the secrets of the area I would be more than grateful. Jim Farley 1457 Church St. Fogelsville

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