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Mark Hagenbuch Deitsch Eck 2

A Winter’s Day in Hagenbuch Country

On a cold January day, my father, Mark Hagenbuch, and I ventured into Hagenbuch country—Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. We had three important stops planned for the day, all of significance to our family....

Hagenbuch Homestead Pre-1800 Exterior Detail 0

A Visit to the Hagenbuch Homestead

Several weeks ago, I visited the Hagenbuch homestead in Berks County, Pennsylvania along with my father, mother, and wife. The purpose of our visit was to explore the buildings at the homestead, as well...

Stone House Detail 1

Exploring Hagenbuch Country

Over a year ago, my Aunt Barb—Barbara (Hagenbuch) Huffman—and I were chatting on the phone about the Hagenbuch homestead in Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Being an avid birder, she mentioned how wonderful it...