Author: Andrew Hagenbuch

Cross Keys Hotel Allentown 1870 0

Remembering the Cross Keys Hotel

In 1773, Henry Hagenbuch (b. 1736, d. 1803), purchased a lot 60 feet wide by 230 feet deep at the corner of James and Hamilton Streets within the newly formed city of Northampton Town,...

Hans Herr House Detail 2

A Deitschy Day in PA

The deepest roots of our Hagenbuch family tree stretch into Switzerland and Germany. However, for those Hagenbuchs living in the United States, it is an oversimplification to refer to ourselves only as Swiss-German. After...

Hagenbuch Reunion Family 6

Planning the 2020 Hagenbuch Reunion

Several readers have written asking for information about the next Hagenbuch Family Reunion, since one was not planned for 2019. Currently, a date and a location have been set for a family reunion in...