About the Hagenbuch Family

Elizabeth Hagenbuch Taufschein Fraktur
Taufschein Fraktur for Elizabeth Hagenbuch, b. 1754

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5 Responses

  1. Eleanor Hagenbuch says:

    I like to know more

  2. Eleanor Hagenbuch says:

    How deep are the German roots for the Hagenbuch family. And I’m a different Eleanor Hagenbuch. I laugh when I saw its even spelled the right way.

  3. Hamilton Bryson says:

    I am working on the family history of the Tarry family, specifically the descendants of Samuel Tarry of colonial Virginia. One of his descendants, Elizabeth Lucille Carroll (1922-2007) married Howard Vincent Hagenbuch (1919-2006). If anyone would like to send me the details of his descendants, I would much appreciate it. If anyone is interested, I can give the direct line back to colonial Virginia and then back to 18th century London.

  4. Dennis M Hagenbuch Jr. says:

    I’m glad to learn more about my family history! I want to thank Mark O Hagenbuch fir connecting with me Andreas was my I believe 4 or 5 great grandfathers back. Thank you!

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