30 Years Past: The Great Family Trip

Hagenbuch Family Fairfield Inn 1993 Detail
Detail of a photo of the Hagenbuchs on their family trip in 1993

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5 Responses

  1. Barbara Huffman says:

    Beautiful story ! Love seeing what you all looked like 30 years ago . 30 years ?? Are you sure ?

    Wonderful trip to take with your children and interesting what they remember .
    I should have kept a diary on the Cape Cod trip !

    Good one Mark

    • Mark Hagenbuch says:

      I have kept journals off and on during the last 15 or so years esp. each time we took a trip and also when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. However, I have let it drop since last August after our trip to Nova Scotia. I must get started again. The thing about journals is that you can start them any time and write about the most mundane experiences BUT it will be interesting to someone someday….just like Mom’s diaries. So, start today….write a paragraph each day of what you did or some thoughts. I promise I’ll start again tonight……

  2. Andrea Gonzales says:

    Wow! 30 years ago I would have been 36 with a small baby of my own! I hope I was able to take the time to visit you while my hands were full with work and an infant! Makes me wish I would have done a much better job of journaling my life through the years! Your own personal experiences come alive for all of us with your special gift of storytelling! By the way, I was just in Laguna a few days! A magical place!

    • Mark Hagenbuch says:

      Yes, you were with us off and on during the 1993 trip. It was when we really got to know our CA family again. Linda and I miss seeing you all.

  3. Norma Hurter says:

    Memories are precious and you do seem to forget a lot as you get older. Skip and I did some journaling, but many times just relaxed and forgot about writing it down. My husband is better at remembering details, sometimes two heads are better than one.
    I enjoyed reading about your special family trip. It makes me want to look for our journals and sit back and enjoy and remind ourselves just how fortunate we’ve been.
    Thank you

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