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John G. and Shirley (Wolfe) Zisch Gravestone Detail 0

Alphabet Soup: Abreu to Zisch

If you have been reading the articles that Andrew and I have written over the past eight years, you know that I often reference my “paper records”, as I call them. I wrote about...

William L. Hagenbaugh Painting Monk with Conquistador 5

The Paintings of William L. Hagenbaugh

The Hagenbuch family tree is full of interesting characters—one of whom is William Louis Hagenbaugh (b. 1878, d. 1943). Several articles have been written about how William’s family migrated to northern California in the...

Joe Miller and William Raymond Hagenbaugh, 1934 1

Cop and Robber

Several months ago Andrew found a photograph on eBay that was for sale. The image depicted a Los Angeles policeman, W. R. Hagenbaugh, with a robber, Joe Miller. Andrew purchased the photo for the...