Lithographs: Decorating Homes in the 19th Century

Kitty Darling Boy Detail
Detail of a chromolithograph of a boy holding a cat

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6 Responses

  1. Avatar Barbara Huffman says:

    Excellent ! The strange ( weird??) cat story ! So interesting . For all of us who love cats and love a good cat story . Thank you , Andrew and Sara

  2. Avatar Dave+Hagenbuch says:

    thanks Andrew… good article… good subject… always a good story when there’s a cat in it!!

  3. Andrew Hagenbuch Andrew Hagenbuch says:

    Thanks, Aunt Barb and Uncle Dave! Just goes to show that cats (and art) have always been a little weird 🙂

  4. Avatar Dave+Hagenbuch says:

    cats aren’t weird.. the people that own them are!!

  5. Avatar JEAN MCLANE says:

    Interesting also that the facial expressions are so serene, as if the subjects were looking out on a world with no problems or dangers. Yet life expectancy in the 19th century was rather brief.

  6. Avatar Emily Johnston says:

    Thank you for your detective work on “Kitty Darling.” I have a framed copy of the boy with cat chromolithograph that you saw first, but did not know the name of the publisher. It’s nice to know more about my print.

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