Bacon Stone of Albany Township, Berks County

Hagenbuch Homestead Bacon Stone Detail
Closeup of bacon stone on the 1851 Hagenbuch homestead house

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3 Responses

  1. Marge Mowery says:

    Interesting article! Made me want a bit of bacon though.

  2. Jason says:

    Do you have a name of the quarry that still sells bacon stone? I live over in Lynn Township, and my one fireplace is made of it. I love the look, and I found some left-over pieces in the woods near my house, but it’s not enough to build anything. I’d like to get some more, but I’m not sure who still sells it. Any help in tracking some down would be great. Thank you!

    • Andrew Hagenbuch says:

      Hi Jason. According to local John Robertson, who unfortunately passed away a few years ago, he wrote in 2015 that they were quarrying “at the end of Sand Springs lane” in Albany Township. If you look at Google satellite imagery, it does look like there is stone being removed from the Blue Mountains at that location:

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