Anna Barbara Hagenbuch: Rethinking Andreas’s Children

Andreas Hagenbuch Will Detail
Detail from Andreas Hagenbuch's will. Anna Barbara's name is in the center.

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  1. Shelba Roach says:

    I have found a discrepency in her date of death and the birth of her son Johann Jacob Stebelton. If she passed in 1740 how did she give birth to him in 1741/1748 (have found both dates for him as well)?

    • Andrew Hagenbuch says:

      Hi Shelba. Thanks for your message. There isn’t any reliable evidence showing the Anna Barbara Stapleton was a Hagenbuch. However, as you pointed out, there is a lot of evidence showing that she likely wasn’t. The above article posits, based upon Andreas Hagenbuch’s will, that Anna Barbara Hagenbuch was actually born until 1764 or 1765. You can view her record in Beechroots here:

  2. Michelle Lombardo says:

    Hi Mark, Andrew…
    Anna Barbara is listed on a ship manifest as Andreas’ child. The list is dated 1737. Is it possible that this Anna Barbara was his sister, not a child, and that there was a 2nd Anna Barbara born at a later date? You can find the immigration info on Ancestry. I THINK it was this first Barbara Hagenbuch that married a Stebleton….

    • Andrew Hagenbuch says:

      Hi Michelle. Can you provide a link to this source showing Anna Barbara on the list of the Charming Nancy’s passengers? Alternatively, feel free to email this or send an image of it to us. I have only ever seen Andreas and his second wife, Maria Magdalena, on the list. A previous article on this site ( listed Anna Barbara as on the ship. However, no primary source that I have seen has shown her. In fact, Henry isn’t on there either. However, noting his birth date from his death record, we know he must have been on the ship.

  3. Christina Fischer says:

    I also have that ship manifest. Here is a copy…

    Anna Barbara Hagenbuch
    Arrival Place Pennsylvania
    Primary Immigrant Hagenbuch, Andreas
    Family Members
    Child Anna Barbara;
    Child Henry
    Source Publication Code3570.2AnnotationDate of arrival with port or place of settlement, a few are date and place of first mention of residence in New World. Listings of mostly Mennonite German immigrants, the majority were from Baden-Durlach in the Palatinate.Source BibliographyJOHNSON, MRS. ARTA F., editor. “Immigrant Ancestors.” In The Palatine Immigrant. Vol. 6:1 (Summer 1980), pp. 44-47; vol. 6:2 (Fall 1980), pp. 87-93; vol. 6:3 (Winter 1981), pp. 138-143; vol. 6:4 (Spring 1981), pp. 189-191.Household Members
    NameAndreas HagenbuchAgeNameAnna Barbara HagenbuchAgeNameHenry HagenbuchAge

    • Andrew Hagenbuch says:

      Hi Christina. Thanks for referencing this! I haven’t read this source publication, which seems to be a derivative work. I have looked at the transcribed manifest upon arrival in Philadelphia of the Charming Nancy, 1737. There is only mention of Andreas and his wife. My suspicion is that this line “Date of arrival with port or place of settlement, a few are date and place of first mention of residence in New World” eludes to some extrapolation happening. In other words, the editor combined research about Andreas’ arrival with what was known of the children at the time. For example, Henry’s grave marks his birthdate as 1736, so if this is correct, he must have arrived in 1737 with the parents. However, as you see above, we now have doubts about Anna Barbara being the first born.

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