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Painting Portraits of Our Family, Part 2

The primary career of women, like Andreas’ wives, in colonial America was housewife or Hausfrau (that is, running the household) and raising the children. However, Andreas’ daughters and possibly a granddaughter were also likely...

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Family Icons

The word icon is defined as “a thing that is revered.” In past articles many pieces of family history have been written about and described that fit this definition. Photos, books, documents, certificates, and...

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Six Years On

In the late 1970s, historian James Burke hosted a documentary television program called Connections. In each episode, he traced the history of a modern scientific marvel from its humble beginning to fruition. For instance,...

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Oh, The People We Don’t Know! Part 2

The Hagenbuch Family Archives have a large number of unidentified photos, and many of these could be featured in future articles. Numerous ones are portraits—people with identities lost to time. Some are interesting to...

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Four Weddings, One Dress

Several articles have been written about the importance of passing on things to future generations: photos and letters, names and stories, or toys and clocks. Nevertheless, although a wedding dress may be passed on...