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Inventory of Michael Hagenbuch’s Estate

Michael Hagenbuch (b. 1805, d. 1855) was the last family owner of the Hagenbuch homestead in Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. He had acquired the property from his father, Jacob Hagenbuch (b. 1777, d....

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The Mystery of John, John, John, and John

When researching family history, one is bound to encounter mysteries. The quest to answer these is actually one of the reasons I began working with my father, Mark Hagenbuch, on in 2014. Our...

The Soldiers Return by Bryant White 0

Andreas Hagenbuch’s Soldier Sons: Part 2

Andreas Hagenbuch acted as an example for his sons by providing military service to early America. Not only did Andreas provide patriotic service during the Revolutionary War, he also had a history of providing...