Wintertime Memories from Montour County

Boys Lightning Guider Sled Snow
Ward brothers with Lightning Guider sled, 1952. Special thanks to Keith Ward for providing. Flickr/kawkawpa

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  1. Cathy Jo Hagenbuch Kelley says:

    I too have fond memories of wintertime sledding. We lived on a farm over the hill from Mark, actually the next ridge. Dad would take the tractor up and down the road and then we would shovel out the rest of the lane. Dad never used a plow, because he like to sled ride also. We would go up behind the barn and come flying down around the barn past the house and down our lane I would say almost 1/4 of a mile. The neighbors at the bottom of the lane always plowed their portion of the lane and we would come to an abrupt halt at the end of the lane hitting the stones which was a good thing because there was the “Mexico Road” just beyond, that was our safety check. Although 40 plus years ago we didn’t have the traffic like we do now.

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