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Mark and Homer Hagenbuch Gettysburg 1967 Detail 1

Back to My Roots with Photos

When I began dating Linda back in 1972, I became interested in photography. My mother, Irene, had already been taking a lot of photos for years and many of these were on slides. We...

Christmas Sweaters Regina Hagenbuch 3

Regina Hagenbuch’s Christmas Sweaters

There is a story in our family that goes something like this: One Christmas when I was two years old, my parents wanted me to wear a sweater outfit that I had received as...

Charles C. Hagenbuch 1947 Detail 0

My Uncle Charles: Advice from Cousin John

As mentioned in the previous article in this series, Charles Hagenbuch’s first cousin, John, wrote to Charles sometime after he came home from Chicago. There he had attended the DeForest’s Training two-week course on...