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Christmas Morn 1880 Detail 2

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Lately, we’ve heard the advice to “stay home for the holidays” and help prevent the spread of Covid-19. While many bemoan being stuck in their houses this year, let’s remember that for some being...

Clayton Reuben Hagenbuch, Mary Elizabeth Buttner Hagenbuch 10

Peter L. Hagenbuch Family of Easton, PA

One of the goals of this website has been realized. More information is being gathered as different Hagenbuch clans across the country become interested in knowing more about their family. Elaine “Hagenbuch” Berry, Dot...

Christina Greenawald Hagenbuch 1890 0

Enoch Hagenbuch: Early Family Historian, Part 2

Enoch Hagenbuch (b. 1814) continues his history of the Hagenbuch family (Read: Part 1) as he relates names and dates for his brother Nathan, his children (Enoch’s nieces and nephews), and a sister who...