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Kathryn Hagenbuch, Margaret Lindner & Bessie Coleman, 1898 0

Fun With Photos

Greeting cards in one form or another have been around for thousands of years. However, the 1850s saw their popularity rise as commercial cards covering holidays and other special occasions were printed and sent...

Friends of Oscar Foust, c. 1900 0

Exploring Photos from the Bibby-Foust Collection

A previous article discussed photographs from the Tilman and Mary Ann “Hagenbuch” Foust family collected by Ethel Bibby. The Foust family lived in Milton, Pennsylvania. Mary Ann “Hagenbuch” Foust was born in 1842. Her...

Tilman Madge Paul 1916 Detail 2

Brother and Sister Day

Preceding Mother’s Day is a little known celebration entitled Brother and Sister Day which is held on May 2nd. The following are photos from the past of Hagenbuch brothers and sisters. These photos were...