The Scheitholt: An Early Pennsylvania German Instrument

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4 Responses

  1. Chris Witmer says:

    Fantastic 17th century print you turned up for Syntagma Musicum II, by Michael Praetorius. Me like!

    • Hagenbuch says:

      Thanks, Chris! And, thanks too for your inspiration while writing this 🙂 We appreciate it.

  2. In my video “Das Scheitholt” I play with my left middlefinger. Normaly the index finger is used but The circular daw hit this index finger. It’s ok now again !!! Today I finished a Scheitholt after the measurements by Praetorius. It’s 110 cm long and with a string length of 931 mm.
    best regards
    W. Ulrich

  3. jamie snider says:

    Love the sound of the instrument,the bow on it and your singing as well..thanks.

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