Montour County Christmas Memories

Oak Grove Lutheran Church
Oak Grove Lutheran Church. Credit: Facebook/OakGroveLutheranChurch

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  1. Bob Hagenbuch says:

    Wow, Mark, What memories you brought back to me!! I remember most of those things like they were yesterday. I was 15 in 1959, but do not know what gifts were under the tree that year. I DO remember one year when you or Dave (probably Dave) got us awake and we were looking at our presents under the tree when Mom and Dad woke up and told us to “GET BACK TO BED!”
    It was about 3:00 AM !!!

    • Mark Hagenbuch says:

      I remember a lot…not sure why. And, I’ll do an article on just “church”, what it was like to attend. Of course, I was playing the organ there when I was 11 until I went to college at age of 18. I can remember where most everyone sat, esp. if I put my mind to it. I’ve found that if you take the time and go through some of the experiences you remember, go very slowly in your memory (i.e. moving from pew to pew and thinking who sat where), it will come back. I told brother Dave a few years ago that I have taken “tours” of the barn in my memory and can remember so much. Keep thinking and see what you remember.

  2. Cathy Jo Hagenbuch Kelley says:

    Can’t say that I remember it like you did, b/c I was only 1 in 1959 🙂 I do remember the Christmas Program and reciting lines. I would have loved to see Dad (Clyde) dressed as a shepherd or Wise Man. Thank you

  3. JudithHagenbuch says:

    I really enjoyed reading of your Christmas memories. I was 17 that year and my father just died in October. But our Christmases before were just like your memories. One exception, our tree and decorations were not put up before we, the kids, were in bed after Christmas eve service. When my brother and I were allowed downstairs in the morning, it was like a dream come true. The tree, our gifts and toys, the Platform (Putz) all appeared overnight.

    Our Lutheran church was very close to our farm. There weren’t any houses between ours and the church. Probably a distance of two city blocks. So no long ride in the cold. I loved doing our Christmas “pieces” and singing the Christmas carols.

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