Albert Ira Hagenbuch Family, LaSalle County, Illinois

Albert Ira & Martha "Kehr" Hagenbuch 1883
Detail of a photo of Albert Ira & Martha "Kehr" Hagenbuch, 1883

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3 Responses

  1. Barbara Hagenbuch Huffman says:

    This is one of the best of the Hagenbuch articles ! I was happy to have met Chuck and Ethel and also visited them in the 90’s . When Melanie lived in Iowa , and we were there visiting , Chuck and Ethel
    tracked them down ! They showed up where Ralph , Melanie’s husband worked . We made arrangements
    to meet them at their Motel for dinner in the Restaurant . We had the best time learning all about them .
    We then visited them in Illinois on the way home . Lovely people !

  2. Ben Hagenbuch says:

    Thanks for this piece Mark. It’s good to hear others speak so highly of my grandparents Chuck and Ethel. It’s also fun to be able to make solid connections back to Andreas.

  3. Dr. Carl-Heinrich Kehr says:

    Dear Cousins,
    my name is Carl-Heinrich Kehr from Germany. This message aims to re-connect our families. Martha “Kehr” Hagenbuch shown on the photo on top of this page was born in the same house as me (born in 1965), which is located in the tiny village of Landefeld, 200km north of the city of Frankfurt in the state of Hessen, Germany. We had a genealogist in the Kehr family who did extensive research in archives in the 1960s and 1970s, well before this all was simplified by the internet. The documented history goes back to mid 15th century, and much of that is centered in the village Landefeld. During the 1970s we had number of larger family meetings – and once Ethel and Chuck and some of their children attended such a meeting in Landefeld and spent time at my parent’s house. My father Karlheinz and me spent a visit to our cousins in Illinois in June 1990.
    All the archives of our genealogist’s work are with me. The idea is to continue the research work when I am retired (some day hopefully!). For the time being, I am happy to collect, share and exchange data.

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