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William Paul Roat Tractor 1950 Detail 1

Dear Diary

Along with letters, baptismal certificates, newspaper articles, old histories, and other ephemera, diaries can be a very important part of learning about past generations. Knowing this, when I retired in 2008 I purchased a...

Lillian Foust on Horse Detail 2

Family Transportation

For thousands of years, humanity’s modes of transportation never changed. Walking, riding animals, animals pulling carts or wagons, and water craft were the way that folks traveled. Then, steam locomotion came about, powering boats,...

Percy Hagenbuch Sleigh & Horse 0

Get a Horse!

As mentioned in previous articles, family genealogy is more than names and dates. Family stories, whether they are closer to folklore (Hungry Sam) or nearer to fact (One Silver Dollar), add spice to the...