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Mark and Andrew Hagenbuch, Hiram Hagenbuch Gravestone 0

Nine Years On

Each year, when I sit down to write a retrospective on the previous 12 months of Hagenbuch.org, I find myself surprised by the number of fascinating pieces that have been published. Occasionally, I have...

Mark and Andrew Hagenbuch, 2002, Detail 8

Eight Years On

I felt somewhat dismayed as I sat down to write this year’s retrospective of Hagenbuch.org. In the previous 12 months, only 300 names have been added to Beechroots, our database of family records. Last...

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Seven Years On

Just the other week, my father and I were talking about how we started Hagenbuch.org in 2014. He was working on his article the seven year itch, and we were tallying a number of...