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Sue Emmitt Reichard Funeral 1916 Detail 0

Hagenbuch-Reichard Connections: Part 2

In the first part of this article series, we explored photos and information about the Hagenbuchs and Reichards. The second part continues with more information from Shaun Creighton and a few of the many...

John and Emma Hagenbuch Reichard Farm 1914 3

Hagenbuch-Reichard Connections: Part 1

The March 9, 2021 article was about the connections between the Hagenbuchs and the Reichard family of Columbia County, Pennsylvania. Some of that information was provided by Shaun Creighton. In providing information, Shaun sent...

Clara (Hagenbuch) Reichard, 1910 3

Columbia County Cousin Connections

In several articles Columbia County, Pennsylvania has been touted as one of the hotbeds of Hagenbuchs and related families. Most recently, Andrew wrote about the migration of Hagenbuchs into Columbia County. I have mentioned...