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Charles C. Hagenbuch 1947 Detail 0

My Uncle Charles: Advice from Cousin John

As mentioned in the previous article in this series, Charles Hagenbuch’s first cousin, John, wrote to Charles sometime after he came home from Chicago. There he had attended the DeForest’s Training two-week course on...

YMCA Chicago Postcard 1915 Detail 4

My Uncle Charles: Letters From Home to Chicago

My Uncle Charles was interested in furthering his education. He was not engrossed in farming as many of our Hagenbuch clan in the early 1900s. His story brings to mind the popular World War...

Charles C. Hagenbuch 1939 2

My Uncle Charles: I Hardly Knew You

Many of you, like me, probably have an uncle, aunt, cousin, grandfather, or grandmother whom we wish we would have taken the time to sit with and visit. I don’t mean to quiz them...