Hagenbuch Beech Grove

Waiting for a Bite, Winslow Homer, Detail 2

Gone Fishin’… for Pheasants?

The following was reported 101 years ago in the “Short and Quick” section of The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: “Corkie” Hagenbuch, of Jamison City, near Bloomsburg, while fishing yesterday in West Creek, caught...

Homer S. Hagenbuch 1945 2

How It Begins

The other day my eldest son, William, pointed to a photograph hanging on the wall and asked, “Daddy, what is this picture of?” The photo he was referencing was taken during the summer of...

Hagenbuch Things Flags Pictures Detail 3

Every “Thing” Has a Story!

I have been thinking about this article for a few weeks. It is what I would call an opinion piece or maybe better—ramblings! Lately, due to some less-than-good news about my prostate cancer, I...