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Mark and Homer Hagenbuch Gettysburg 1967 Detail 1

Back to My Roots with Photos

When I began dating Linda back in 1972, I became interested in photography. My mother, Irene, had already been taking a lot of photos for years and many of these were on slides. We...

Hagenbuch Family Fairfield Inn 1993 Detail 5

30 Years Past: The Great Family Trip

The other day Andrew reminded me that 30 years ago, the summer of 1993, our family had just returned home from our circular trip through the western portion of the United States. Between June...

Hiram Hagenbuch Bible Leaf Detail 0

What’s in a Bible?

What’s in a Bible? I mean this literally. If you open up a Bible, what might you find inside? In June my father, Mark, and I were going through several boxes of family ephemera....