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The Book, Part 5: The Facts

My obsession with Johann Arndt’s Wahren Christentum (True Christianity) began in July of 2015 when my son, Andrew, wrote an article about Andreas Hagenbuch’s will. I learned at that time that Andreas had willed...

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The Book, Part 4

This is the fourth in a five part series about “the book” owned by Andreas Hagenbuch (b. 1715). At the end of Part 3, the immigrant Andreas Hagenbuch has died and willed the book,...

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The Book, Part 3

Below is a continuation of the story of the Lutheran pietist book, Wahren Christentum (True Christianity) written by Johann Arndt, which was willed to John Hagenbuch (b. 1763) by his father, Andreas Hagenbuch (b. 1715)....

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The Book, Part 2

Below is the continuation of a short story in the historical fiction genre regarding the book Wahres Christentum (True Christianity), which Andreas Hagenbuch (b. 1715) willed to his youngest son, John (b. 1763). Read Part 1...

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The Book, Part 1

I expect most people don’t regularly read what I term as pure history. However, many people read historical fiction where the plot, the setting, and the characters are located in the past; but the...

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Easter Day: April 7, 1765

This article contains several quotes from Johann Arndt’s 1605 book concerning Pietism. Although I realize that the writings can be difficult to understand at times, please take the time to read them carefully and...