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Harrises Hidlay 1939 1

The Harrises of Hidlay: Part 2

It’s sometimes difficult for me to remember how I got started on some of my genealogical work from decades ago. I know that I did very little work on other branches of the family...

Frank Harris Family 1930 Detail 1

The Harrises of Hidlay: Part 1

On February 10, 2015, I wrote an article about my great great grandfather’s brother and his family. Samuel Hagenbuch was born in 1806 and lived on what became a six generation family farm in...

Hagenbuch Family Picnic 1937 0

Analysis of 1938 Hagenbuch Reunion Attendance

As written previously in other articles, I believe myself fortunate that I grew up in an extended family which included great aunts, great uncles, my grandparents, first and second cousins of my father, and...